From the recordings HOW SOON IS NOW? and 40 FT. TECHNICOLOR DREAM



A Christmas Carol, A Christmas Story, It's a Wonderful Life
And you've got the spirit, you're in the mood for a magical night
Put up the lights, the decorations, gather 'round the tree
Singing Jingle Bells and Silent Night, more than ready for Christmas Eve
It's gotta get here, get here soon, how soon is now?
The dream, the joy, the wonder, how soon is now?
The closer it gets, it's harder to sleep
'Cause old St. Nick's 'bout to land on your street
Can't wait for Christmas to come, how soon is now

It's the season of hope, the season of giving, every little bit helps
From Toys for Tots to the local food bank, fill up those shelves
'Cause we all deserve the chance to share in holiday cheer
To make december the 25th, the best day of the year

For kids of all ages
Christmas comes too slow
The anticipation
Never gets old