1. LUCKY

From the recordings LUCKY and LUCKY


Second hand joe, that's what the rich kids called me
No designer jeans underneath my Christmas tree
But their fancy labels got slapped on in foreign countries
While my patches were sown with love on mom's machine
A big red bow hid That glove 's missing laces
But it was my old man's so that made it better than new
The team POKED fun until they started cheering
i caught line drives and pop flies, we couldn't lose
You can have lots of money in your pockets
Nothing in this world you can't buy
But you're still not all that lucky
Till you're loved by somebody

We spent the holidays with my cousins, aunt and uncle
One year we just stayed 'cause my parents lost their jobs
The prep school kids yelled "WHAT'S YOUR HOUSE NOW, A HOMELESS SHELTER?"
We just shook our heads and all agreed it's their loss
'Cause our home was filled with laughing AND singing
Two of the best things in life that are free
I can't hardly wait for the chance to get back there
And be together again with my best friends and family [CH}

They make the good times and the bad times better
And I pray, it's gonna be this way forever [ch]

Yes, we are lucky, you and i